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In 2005 a Sydney Pet Store owner was concerned by the lack of available food treats specifically for cats.  She challenged the fledgling Aftafacts concept development workshop to create a product range to fill the niche and the supply gap in her inventory.

In consultation with her Veterinarian partner, the Aftafacts team produced the first range of locally made, 100% human-grade treats for feline furry friends.  Starting in just one store the range is now available to all cats in Australia both online and through select stockists.

Our family companion Morgaine was the first taste tester and biggest fan.  It was inevitable she became the mascot and inspiration for the entire Morgaine's Morsels range.

Now more than a decade later Morgaine's Morsels still maintains the great taste, freshness and quality that she loved then and many other cats have since.

Visit Aftafacts to learn more about the production team.

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