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The design elements and related indicia for all items created independently by third party manufacturers, described or photographed for resale through this website, are the property of their respective owners.

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1. Morgaine's Morsels (the specialty foods division of Aftafacts) does not directly share your personal information with any entity other than employees of the business and third party manufacturers required to produce specific custom items.  This information will not be shared without permission in writing.

2. Personal information shared with third party manufacturers for the purposes of manufacturing specific custom items will remain as anonymous as possible.
3. All employees and contracted third party manufacturers of specific custom items are asked to enter into a confidentiality agreement with Aftafacts before any information is shared.

4. Use of this website is also subject to, and implies acceptance of, the privacy terms and conditions of the host and various eCommerce solution providers.



We welcome inquiries from pet retailers, veterinarians or pet service providers who would like to stock Morgaine's Morsels products.

The range has proven very popular with current stockists and offers great margins for a retail pet food product.

For more information, a rate card and samples of the products to test with your customers please contact us via email, phone or post and we'll get you started.



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